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Do insurance companies cover cracked or chipped windshields

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Do insurance companies cover cracked or chipped windshields

Do insurance companies cover cracked or chipped windshields on a standard policy? When you’re driving along the highway and notice a crack in your windshield, chances are that your first reaction is to get worried about how much money you’re going to spend on repairs. After all, a windshield seems like it’s going to be expensive to repair – unless, of course, your insurance company offers to help you out.
We all know that our insurance companies are there to help us out when we get into car accidents. Fortunately, auto insurance companies are also there to help you out when your windshield is cracked or chipped. This is because federal law sets minimum standards for front and rear windshields – and the more chipped and cracked your windshield, the more likely it is that you’ll get into an accident or accrue tickets.
So as you can see, it’s in your insurance company’s best interests to make sure your windshield is as pristine and flawless as possible.
If you have a cracked or chipped windshield, here’s what you should do to get your insurance company to cover it:


  • Call your insurance company as soon as you notice the chip or crack. Don’t wait until it gets worse, as that only makes the repair or replacement bill more expensive.
  • Let your insurance provider know what happened. If you remember a rock causing the crack or it happened when you went over a big bump, be as specific as possible. The more details you can provide your insurance company, the better.
  • Ask your insurance company if they have preferred providers. Your insurance company may have a list of auto glass repair services that they work with – and if you go outside of the network, you may have to foot the bill yourself.
  • Ask how much you’ll have to pay toward the bill. Windshield and window repair is usually covered in your comprehensive coverage. If the repairs are less than your deductible, than it may be better to just pay the bill yourself. However if you need to replace your windshield, you may only be responsible for the deductible..
  • Call the preferred provider and let them know if you’re at home or at work. That way, they can immediately come to where you are and repair or replace your windshield. They can usually do this in under an hour, and you won’t even have to pay any additional fees.
  • Many insurance companies are resorting to windshield repair instead of replacement. To do this, they will waive the deductible and pay full costs of a windshield repair instead of replacing the full windshield. This is a win win for both the customer and insurer.


Chances are, your insurance company covers the cost of your windshield repair or replacement. So don’t be afraid to check!
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